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Square tube, as the name implies, it is a kind of form of tube type, a lot of kinds of material of material can make the tube body, it is medium in, what, in what place, most of the square tube steel tube, for most, after unpacking, smooth, curly, form circular tube welding, again by circular tube rolling into square tube and then cut into required length. Generally, 50 square pipes of each package are in stock with large specifications, mostly in 10*10*0.8-1.5~~500*500*10-25. Square pipes are divided into structural square pipes, decorative square pipes, construction square pipes and mechanical square pipes according to their USES.Our company provide pre galvanized steel tube.


Square pipe, is a name for square pipe, that is, the length of the same side of the pipe. Is the strip steel after the process of rolling.
To pull out the square pipe: generally, the strip is unpacked, flat, crimped, welded to form a round pipe, and then rolled from the round pipe into a square pipe and then cut into the required length.

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