stair pipes making method is how stainless steel stairs how to construct

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stair pipes making method is how stainless steel stairs how to construct

1,the speed is fast, from the top down, first the elbow of the face tube is polished;

2.Then weld the first row of columns above, the standard staircase is more than 90 points, the lower column is cut 85, the upper head is 90;

3,counting from the top of the second row is also 85, the third row is also the case, has been going down. 4. The key point is to add 5 cm to each face tube. One end of the welding elbow is facing down. For each such, the column to elbow interface should be at least 8 to 10 cm long and cut long. Stainless steel stair railings are made of stainless steel and are mainly divided into armrests, columns, bases, etc., often referred to as stainless steel stair rails.

What is the stainless steel stair making method?

The first step: Since the stainless steel staircase needs to be professionally designed, after comparing with the actual stairs, the model of the stainless steel stair material is selected. The type of the stainless steel stair material is usually 202 or 304.

Step 2: After selecting the material of the stainless steel staircase, it is to design the selected material, and it is necessary to design its height.

The third step: after a certain design of the stainless steel staircase.

Is it good to install stainless steel stairs indoors?

Yes, but now people are not used, and they have been popular in previous years. Wood or high grade plastic products are now commonly used. Because the stainless steel staircase is mainly a cold feeling in winter, and it is also aesthetically pleasing, and the price is not cheap. So now it is replaced by more wooden lathe-processed stairs.

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