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Stairarmrest is the support pole for the stair railing. Staircase handrails are classified according to materials: stair polymer handrails, stair wrought iron handrails, stair stainless steel handrails, stair glass handrails, stair solid wood handrails.we are decorative stair pipes manufacturer design,you can know it.

There are also some special stair railings: the stairs are illuminated.

The welding-free integrated assembly process is simple in production and easy to install. The one-way, side-pass, cross-pass and bottom-through are all alloy castings. The exterior is electrostatic anti-corrosion coating process, multi-color, durable; the pipe is treated by high-temperature hot-dip galvanizing, appearance Electrostatic anti-corrosion spraying process; the column rectangular tube is punched through the automatic numerical control equipment, the assembly speed is fast, the construction period is short, and the site is installed in combination.

We will continue to improve product quality and launch fashionable and novel works to serve more consumers.

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