stair pipes save time and effort

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stair pipes save time and effort

First, install stair railing Raiders

1,fixed column

The column is the foundation of the installation. It needs to be placed at the top and bottom of the column. Then, draw a straight line on the two columns and place the column in the middle on the step. At this time, the column should be at the same height as the line. Then use a black marker to mark the hole where the column needs to be drilled for subsequent punching.


If the stairs have been paved with floor tiles, such as marble floors, then we need to punch holes for the fixed columns. Before punching, you can use a plasticine to form a perforation ring, so that the drilling is more precise, and with a little water, the drilling efficiency is higher. On the drilling tool, it is recommended to use a 12mm impact drill bit; if the floor is paved with wood flooring, it can be fixed directly with screws.

3,wearing wire drawing

Brushing is also an important step in the installation of stair railings. Generally, it is matched with a thin self-contained water pipe to pull in the wire and needs to be bent at a certain angle. Generally, the wire drawing of about 12mm requires the use of a bender to assist; during construction, the wire drawing position is determined, and the wire is clamped and then fixed on the column.

4,fixed handrails

The fixed handrail will directly affect the future life, so the whole process must be careful. First, we have to measure the specific position of the bend, use the hot-bent blanket to heat the handrail that needs to be bent for 15-20 minutes, and after softening, bend to the target value. When the bending angle reaches the required standard, immediately replace the cold towel with a cold compress to allow it to be quickly set. If the surface of the armrest is obviously scratched due to construction problems, it can be removed by using the heating blanket once more.

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