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Frp Sheet Exporter

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Weather Resistant FRP Sheet

Component: isophthalic acid polyester

Surface Treatment: coated with melinex389 film

Fiberglass: fiber>30%

Standard Thickness: 1mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm

Light Transmittance Base on 1.2mm: 90%(non color),70%(blue,green),65%(white)

Heat Resistance: -45℃-140℃

Uvioresistant: can block 99%

Life of Using: more than 25 years

Usage: for higher request of industrial,common building or bad weather areas

we can provide fiberglass reinforced polyester panel,we are pre-galvanized steel pipe supplies,rectangle steel pipe wholesale,china round steel pipe exporter,you can know it.

Lighting board development road

There are many advantages to the use of lighting panels in buildings. The lighting panels are characterized by energy saving, long life and excellent lighting. Customers in Hebei should look for Hebei Luobin lighting board manufacturers when purchasing, and Luobin focuses on research and development of lighting panels for 20 years. Today, Xiaobian takes you to understand the development path of lighting panels.

The use of color steel tiles on the roof of traditional buildings has many drawbacks. Excessive water accumulation during the rainy season will lead to more and more deposits, which will rot over a long period of time, resulting in large-scale renovation of the roof. The lighting board can avoid this problem, the rain can flow down the tile surface, and the lighting effect of the lighting board is very good. It has been proved by the test that the lighting board can absorb noise well and reduce noise pollution.

The quality of the lighting board itself is light and convenient for transportation and installation. The lighting board is more resistant to corrosion than the color steel plate. The long-term wind and sun exposure will not have a great influence on the lighting board. The anti-aging effect of the lighting board is very good. The service life is around 10-30 years, avoiding the trouble of regular replacement. Therefore, the lighting board gradually replaces the color steel plate and other materials, and the lighting board is a lighting material commonly used in buildings today.

The above is the small road to organize the development of lighting panels, Xiao Bian here to remind you to choose the lighting when you want to clean the eyes, choose the lighting panels produced by regular manufacturers, refuse to use inferior products.we are provide frp sheet,you can know it.

Advantages of FRP lighting panels (FRP transparent tiles)

The full name of FRP lighting board is glass fiber reinforced polyester lighting board, which is a kind of lighting board substitute consisting of high performance film, high quality polyester and reinforced glass fiber.Company introduces the British advanced FRP sheet automatic continuous production line, adopts the high quality original materials of well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, adopts DuPont 301 and Ganware-PT055 film imported from the United States, and uses the waterless dust-free cutting technology to produce.

Strength refers to the maximum stress value in the object when the FRP lighting plate is damaged by force, including tensile, bending, shearing and other strengths. That is, the problem is not strong.

The degree of steel is the ability of the FRP lighting board to resist deformation. Therefore, when the FRP lighting plate is formed, the reinforcing rib can be used in some parts or the reinforcing rib can be used as the reinforcing fiber in the outer surface to improve the steel.

The curing degree of FRP lighting board is ≥85%. The lighting board produced by our company has both rigidity and toughness, and it is not brittle, which is convenient for construction and installation.

Extinction of FRP lighting panels

Extinguishing is also oxidation. In general, the FRP lighting plate produced by our company has an oxygen index of ≤ 21%, which is flammable. When it is exposed to an open flame, it is actively extinguished. The higher the temperature, the easier it is to extinguish.

Therefore, in the event of a fire, the lighting panel can be quickly extinguished and become a smoke exhaust belt. According to the insoluble and infusible soluble and fusible, our FRP lighting board is a thermosetting product. When it is extinguished, it will not produce droplets; oxygen index ≥26% is a flame-retardant lighting board, that is, self-extinguishing from the fire energy, not non-combustible but passively extinguished.

When it contacts the flame, it shows a phenomenon of temperature rise, heat synthesis, ignition, and continuous extinguishment.we are provide frp sheet,you can know it.

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